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Wine Glass Centerpieces

Wine Glass Centerpieces

These delicate pieces aren’t just for sipping

Wine glasses can make perfect centerpieces!

If you have a party coming up and a few extra wine glasses stowed away in the cupboard, whip them out and use them to make a gorgeous and creative centerpiece, perfect for either an outdoor or indoor get-together.

Wine glasses are the perfect shape in which to assemble a beautiful centerpiece for almost any party theme — all they need are a few accessories and your creativity to amplify their potential. Sit them right side up and fill with sand, shells, glitter, candles, sprinkles, etc., or flip them over on top of some brightly colored flowers. When flipped over, their flat bottoms are perfect spots for balancing flowers, plants, and candles of many sizes.

Effortlessly elegant, yet still homey and comforting, wine glasses can do much more than hold your favorite brand of bubbly. So grab those lonely extra glasses and make a memorable centerpiece for your next party that your guests will adore!

14 Wine Bottle Wedding Centerpieces for a Beautiful, Budget-Friendly Tablescape

Choosing the perfect wedding centerpieces can be quite the task! Most people go the traditional route by using flowers or candles, but that doesn't mean you can't consider a more creative option for the table décor at your wedding reception—or rehearsal dinner and bridal shower!

A favorite of ours? The wine bottle centerpiece! When used as wedding décor, glass bottles can add an elevated yet rustic feel to any tablescape. They can be adapted to any wedding style, whether you're spray painting them gold for a glam touch or adding a customized logo with you and your partner's initials. Not to mention: This creative idea offers a way to save some money on floral arrangements—hello, DIY project!—since it requires fewer, more expensive blooms. Plus, who doesn’t love wine?!

If you’re tempted by the idea of using wine bottle centerpieces but aren’t sure where to begin, here are 14 creative takes on the budget-friendly trend.

23 Unique Wine Bottle Centerpieces for Dressing up Your Home on a Budget

As if you needed another excuse to dive into your wine collection.

Rather than tossing your empty vino vessels after you've enjoyed your favorite red or white, turn them into art. Whether used as an inventive candle holder or easy one-and-done flower vase, DIY wine bottle centerpieces can instantly upgrade any table for any occasion. (DIY wedding centerpieces? Check.) Get inspired by our favorite homemade wine bottle centerpieces, along with these repurposed wine bottle crafts and easy wine cork projects.

Pay tribute to roads previously traveled by pasting maps onto each recycled wine bottle. Toss in a few flowers, and voilà!

Get the tutorial at Karen Kavett.

This wine bottle centerpiece project only demands a few upward brush strokes of paint for a result that looks straight out of an art studio.

Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda.

Colored wine bottles create a stunning contrast against delicate doilies.

You don't need to use the holidays as an excuse to dress up your dining room table. There are plenty of great tablescape ideas that can work year-round in your home. Do you typically reserve the creation of dining room table centerpieces for your end-of-the year celebrations? Though we love overflowing baskets of pumpkins at the start of harvest season, a cornucopia bursting with decorative ears of corn for Thanksgiving, and baskets of ornaments and candles at Christmas, we think you can (and should) dress up your dinner table any night of the year. After all, isn't sitting down to a meal with your family reason enough to celebrate?

If you find yourself searching for a great centerpiece option that works across seasons, we can help. To that end, we rounded up an array of our very best ideas that'll look as good on your table at Thanksgiving as it will on Mother's Day. We actually think that some of these ideas are so perfect for year-round display that you'll ultimately decide to skip the seasonal swaps entirely. After all, when you find a design that you can keep on the table all year long, why would you trade it out?

Choose between candlelight delights, floral-inspired sets, or unique vessels that can be filled with neutral-hued décor. Most of these easy centerpieces can easily be made in one afternoon at home, and you might already have everything you need on hand. And if you don't, a quick run to the crafts store, your favorite home improvement spot, or floral provider should have everything you need.

13 Funny, Punny, and Pop Culture-Inspired Wine Glasses That Make Great Gifts

Sip happens, so show your friends, family members, and coworkers you get them with some funny wine glasses, which just so happen to make great gifts. Whether they're a pun aficionado, a pop culture obsessive (including Queer Eye, The Golden Girls, and more ), or just ready to drink the entire bottle, there's a little something fun for every wine lover here. These wine glasses will make sipping their go-to rosé or merlot a whole lot more entertaining, from TV night to the holidays and just about every occasion in between. And some of them even come in sets&mdashperfect for entertaining, or just having options to suit the mood. The best part? Almost all of these are under $20, so they're perfect if you're gift shopping on a budget, too.

This collectible set features illustrations of your favorite ladies from The Golden Girls on the front and some of their most iconic lines on the back.

Queer Eye fans will appreciate this wine glass, which is both a Jonathan Van Ness quote and a major mood.

Okay, so that may be beyond Alexa's capabilities, but we can dream, right?

This set comes with four glasses, so you can choose the one that best fits your mood.

29 Tall Centerpieces That Will Take Your Reception Tables to New Heights

Beautiful floral arrangements are always a major focal point during any wedding reception. If you want to ensure that your centerpieces make a lasting impression on your guests, it's best to go tall. While smaller compote centerpieces are gorgeous in their own right, vertical arrangements are unexpected additions to wedding tables and are a sure way to wow your attendees as soon as they walk into the room. And the best part about these lofty arrangements? They can suit any wedding style.

If you're throwing a traditional event, classic mixes of garden roses, hydrangeas, and peonies will stun in a large glass vase. Searching for the perfect contemporary arrangement? Ask your floral designer to place long-stemmed blooms in a structured, four-pillared vessel. This Il Giardino delle Fate masterpiece is the perfect example of a tall, contemporary centerpiece: Their team styled this high-low arrangement of garden roses and greenery and hung ornaments containing small tea lights for a dreamy feel.

If you're concerned that oversized wedding centerpieces will hinder guests' conversations, don't be. It all comes down to the vessel you choose&mdashand with so many options readily available, you can choose a base that suits both your wedding theme and allows your loved ones to converse freely. From tall glass vases, to thin metal pedestals, attendees will enjoy the beauty of these arrangements and each other's company.

To help you find a tall arrangement style you love, consider some of our favorites from real weddings. Click through to discover how you can incorporate these larger-than-life centerpieces into your own reception décor.

Start by spraying the inside of the wine glass with white spray paint.

Then whiskers and a mouth using paint pens and set this glass aside to dry.

Now, while the glass is drying, you will cut out 2 ears from the burlap.

Then cut 2 years from the fabric, slightly smaller than the burlap ears.

Glue the fabric onto the burlap.

Now you will glue the ears on top of the dome of the glass by the stem.

Lastly, add a small ribbon bow between the ears.

Now, you can display your wine glass bunny!

If you still need more Easter craft ideas, don’t miss this giant list of Easter decoration ideas. Of course, I also love this list of outdoor Easter decorations, and my favorites are these Easter wreaths. The kids will love helping you decorate Easter eggs with these ideas, and make some cute Easter centerpieces.

Crafter’s Tip

If you don’t want to mess with fabric, you can use these cute Easter bunny SVG files I found on Etsy and print them out on paper instead!

The Best Wine Slushie Recipes: Cool and Refreshing Wine Slush Ideas

Well hello, there warm weather! It’s so nice to have sunny days and warm temperatures back again! When it comes to warm and sunny days, it’s definitely nice to have something cool and refreshing to sip on!

These cool and refreshing wine slushie recipes are exactly what I need at the end of a hot, busy day! They’re perfect for serving to your girlfriends at a summer brunch or for chilling with your favorite people at the beach too.

To prepare your next wine slush, make sure you have a bottle of wine, a blender, and fresh fruit garnishes. You can mix and match various white wines, bubbly, or even sangria. These wine slushie recipes should inspire you to blend up your favorite combinations for a summer party. I can’t wait to hear what you make!

Taking center stage at the table is the Seder plate, a special platter with six designated spots for the ceremonial foods that represent the Jews' experience of being enslaved and their Exodus from Egypt. The Seder plate can be anything from a special dish that has been passed down to a simple plastic version the most important thing is that it has spaces for each of the six foods referred to in the Haggadah.

Close to the table setting for the Seder leader should be a plate with three ceremonial pieces of matzah. Each piece should be tucked into a special cloth "envelope" with three sections if you don't own one of these, you can layer the matzo in a napkin folded to create three sections. There are moments in the Haggadah where we are directed to use these pieces of matzo.

When it comes to creating fun, whimsical DIY crafts at home, there always seems to be glitter involved. If you are a fan of all things mermaid and all things bling, you are going to love making these fun glasses. The best part is you can add any phrase, saying or image to your custom wine glasses using your Cricut Cutting Machine.

Supplies You Will Need

Before starting the bling glitter process, select and create the image you would like to use. I chose to combine a few images from LOVE SVG. They have a wonderful selection of FREE downloadable SVG’s that are perfect for creating your designs in Cricut Design Space. The font I used for this image is AR CENA and WATERMELON SCRIPT.

Measure the surface area of the glass and resize your design.

Cut, weed, and prep your vinyl design using 651 Outdoor vinyl. Apply your transfer tape and adhere you new decal to a clean wine glass.

Adhere Your Vinyl Design

Once you have your design on the glass you can then determine where and how much glitter you want. If you add glitter before putting your decal on, be sure to measure the surface area again to be sure your design will fit in the empty space

Bling It Up!

Adding glitter to glassware is not as complicated as it looks. If you use a waterproof mod podge to seal the glitter, it will not come off when wet and can be washed gently by hand.

Using a foam brush, apply a generous layer of mod podge where ever you would like the glitter to be.

Working quickly, sprinkle extra fine glitter over the mod podge, making sure to cover all areas that are wet.

Repeat this process once more (mod podge, then glitter)

Once it has dried, cover the entire glitter area in a generous coat of mod podge.

Once that is completely dry, let it sit and cure for at least 48 hours before using or washing. This curing process also applies to your 651 vinyl.

651 vinyl is permanent/outdoor vinyl and can be used and hand washed. It is not recommended that you put your finished project in the dishwasher or the microwave. The vinyl will melt, and your design will be ruined. Hand wash only with mild soap.

Enjoy Your Whimsical Mermaid Glitter Wine Glass!

Once your design has cured, enjoy a cold refreshing Summer Cocktail in your gorgeous Mermaid Glitter Wine Glass!

I have joined up with 8 other very talented bloggers for the Craft And Create With Cricut Challenge to bring you some of the coolest Cricut projects around. You can see each of their incredible projects using the links below. Be sure to check them all out. If you are a Cricut crafter, you won’t want to miss out on these fun projects!

Watch the video: Jus4SweetZ Lamp Shade Wine Glass CenterpieceDecor